Introduction to Venues

Venues enable you and your accounts to easily manage proximity campaigns for many customers. Each campaign that is created and delivered by a particular Venue will also be marked as coming from this Venue in the mobile app - this helps mobile app users to sort offers from multiple venues.

It might come in handy this way. Say you have four different locations and each has a different clientele, with each operating at different hours because of their location.
You can essentially treat them as separate businesses and give each their specific venues with specific offers.
This becomes affordable because you are paying for SPOTS, not systems.

An account that manages multiple venues is able to easily switch between them: When you choose Coffee Shop as a venue and go to Campaigns, you will only be able to see Campaigns that are relevant to this particular Venue.

Adding Venues

Go to Venues section and click Add Venue:

A Venue can be a Business, an event, a Conference...whatever you need to control the systems that follow.
Your Manager Account allows you to choose an account of yours where you would like to add a venue to.
Then pick a Name for this venue.
PIN Code (optional) You can type in a 4-digit code that must be entered to grant loyalty points to customers (this feature helps to increase security and grant points only by personnel that know the secret PIN code. However, it must be managed and can be a source of frustration if you have a larger staff and folks forget the code.)
Decide whether this Venue should be a Prime Venue. Prime Venues are immediately visible in the mobile app, so users do not need to be in proximity or download anything. (Not all accounts will have Prime Venue status. Contact us for an explanation.)

You can also upload a Logo Image for this venue. Logo will be displayed in the mobile app.
Info Content allows you to select a content that will be showed if mobile app user clicks (i) info icon in the mobile app. Info Content is great for adding additional information about a particular Venue like opening hours for example.

In Show location mark you can enter venue's address which allows users to list All Offers in the app sorted by the Venues City, as well as enables the "Navigate to Venue" feature that shows the way on a map to this particular address with turn by turn directions.

Transferring Data Between Venues.

Every piece of data created in appSAVE (spot, content, campaign) can easily be transferred between your Venues. All you need to do is to turn it into Edit mode, select the Venue you would like to transfer it to and click Save.