The 4 Major Areas

Begin by logging into the dashboard and creating your account.

There are FOUR major areas and you need to add in Order.  

Venue > Spot > Content > Campaign.

For instance, if you try to create content before you have a Venue, it won't let you save.
Same with Campaigns, if you don't have a spot first you can't continue.

Create your Venue

The Identifier

This can be a business, a branch office, an event...whatever you need to drive what follows.
Create as many Venues as you need and this is also where you place your Logo on the map..


The Driver

You decide which SPOTS you need for each venue. Most folks start with a Map Listing and add from there, like a Beacon, a GeoFence, a WiFi link, add one or many.

Create your Content


The Content is what goes in your Spot and they are associated with the Venue you created.
Choose a template with an image or upload your own image. The templates are already sized to work on all devices and your ability to customize is nearly unlimited by uploading your graphics, and sizes are shown.
After you create it you assign it to a Spot. There is also a Preview button to check the display.

Create & Launch your Campaigns

The Action Item

Campaigns are What happens, When, Where and How Often.
This is what tells your app to display what you have created.

You won't find another app on the market that does so much in so many ways, nor will you find one more affordable.
Our Power, Speed and Flexibility is simply unmatched.

FIRST: Continue down this page to understand the App.

App User Sign Up

Knowing your customers is crucial for every business to improve marketing strategy and increase sales. appSAVE® enables the business owner to collect customers' personal data like name or e-mail address.
This information becomes very powerful and most folks freely enter it. We have information on why it's important on the "i" tab on their app that goes into a little more detail, like the fact that we Never share or sell any information.
In particular, their name helps us in marketing and the remainder of the information helps tremendously, as you will see in Analytics.

Welcome Content

Welcome Content is a special type of content that appears when a new user opens appSAVE mobile app for the first time. We will have this set to greet new users and explain the benefits of proximity campaigns.

Up your sales

* will also be featured here where we will showcase select businesses for an initial introduction to all app users.

Contact us to see how your business can be featured here.

(* This will change to,,, etc. for more Western States as we begin promoting there.)

Settings & Preferences

appSAVE® proximity app offers a range of settings & preferences to tailor the user experience:

Do not disturb mode - if turned on, app stops proximity scanning in the background and foreground.

Offer categories - enable users to pick & choose the type of offers they want to receive and block the ones that do not match their interests.

User profile - user can voluntarily provide additional information like age and sex to enable even better matching of nearby offers.

(We will have an explanation on this so they understand why this can be a big benefit to them.)

All Offers

All Offers, as the name suggests, is a list of all collected regular offers. All Offers do not include Loyalty Offers as they are a special type of offer, stored in a dedicated list called Points & Coupons.

The Search box at the top of the list enables filtering of offers by:

* Push Message
* Location (Town/City)
* Venue Name

The List of offers is sorted by the time the offer was received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.

Pinned Offers

Pinned is a list of all collected regular offers that have been pinned (checked) by a customer.

Search box at the top of the list enables users to filter offers by:

* Push message
* Location (Town/City)
* Venue Name

The list of offers is sorted by the time the offer was received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.

Points & Coupons

Points & Coupons is a list of all Loyalty Offers like Loyalty Stamps, Loyalty Points and Loyalty Coupons.  How you build out Loyalty offers and Surveys are covered in another section.
The list of offers is sorted by the time the offer was received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.


People often want to learn something about the app they use or the company that delivered it to them. With the Info sidebar link we have created a section that explains a little more about the app.
This can be dynamic and we will be changing it as conditions or seasons dictate.

Find out how YOU can be featured here.

Scan QR Code

The appSAVE® proximity app enables any user to scan QR codes that have been generated by a venue.

They are just another way to deliver any campaign to your customer's phone.

They also work great as a way to have your folks sign up for your Loyalty program so you can reward your most valued customers with loyalty points, stamps and coupons.

Contact Exchange

Proximity marketing is also about establishing meaningful connections, especially during business events like trade fairs, conferences and meet-ups. appSAVE enables you to find people you want to connect with and exchange contact information with them when you are close to each other! An Internet connection is not required - the exchange is done through Bluetooth.

How to deliver or receive contact information:
* Go to Settings > General and fill in information about yourself.
* Click on Contacts in the Sidebar. You will see an empty list.
* Click on the Broadcast icon in the app header to broadcast your contact information.
* People that are close and have Contacts open will receive a request to add you to their list.