Introduction to Shopping:  Products, Transactions and Orders

How to add products, create transactions and process orders.

  • appSAVE® enables you to sell any product through your mobile app by using in-app payments. Payments are processed by Stripe, a global payments platform that allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet.


Products are a part of Contactless Shopping & Restaurant (Products + Orders + Delivery) module which consists of products list, scanning products with manufacturers barcodes, cart checking out and using in-app payments.

Each Venu is independent and manages it's own Products & Orders.

How to Add Product

  • Go to Products list and click Add Product.
  • Enter a Name for your Product (this won't be displayed in the app).
  • If your Product falls into a larger category (for example: Coffee or Tea) select a Group (the group is displayed in the app).
  • To make it available for the customer to buy you create a Content with a Button "Add to Checkout". For more information visit Button Actions.
  • Enter a Title for your Product (for example "Cappuccino"). This title will be visible for your customer in the app.
  • Enter Price that you would like to charge for this product. You can change a currency in your account settings.

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  • Choose List Image that the product will have on a product list (recommended size 250x250 px).
  • Target Campaign is optional and enables you to select a campaign that will be showed if user taps this particular Product on the list (Campaign will show a Content with the details of the product for example).
  • You can enter additional information like Barcode Number that is visible on the product. This enables customers to scan the Barcode in the app to add the product to their cart automatically.

Order Index enables you to assign an index to any product so that you can control where it appears on the product list in the app. The lower the index = the higher the place on the list a product has, for example product with the index "1" will appear on the top of the list.
Click Add Product.


Transactions are standalone in-app payments, they lead straight to payment and don't involve products lists, cart or cart checkout. Transactions don't require "Contactless Shopping & Restaurant (Products + Orders + Delivery)" module to run.

Each Venue is independent and manages its own Transactions & Orders.

How to Create a Campaign with In-app Transaction

  • Go to Transactions list and click Add Transaction.
  • Enter a Name for your Transaction (visible only in the CMS).
  • Enter a Title for your Transaction (for example "Today's Special"). This title will be visible for your customer in the app.
  • Provide Amount that you would like to charge for this transaction. You can change a currency in your account settings.
  • You can provide additional information for customers in the Description.

Order Pickup Pin Confirm switch enables you to require PIN confirmation (by the person giving out the product to the customer who paid for it).
Click Add Transaction.
Create New Content
In Call to Action section add button and choose Checkout Transaction that you have created above.
Now you just need to create a new campaign with a Content you just created.

Test Your In-app Payment Setup

By this point you should have a in-app payment integration that collects card details and makes a payment. There are several test cards you can use to test and make sure you are ready. Use them with any CVC, postal code, and future expiration date.

Each Venu is independent and manages it's own Products & Orders.

You can also set a fixed price for shipping orders in the Settings (admin only.)

How To Check Confirmed Orders

You can find the complete order history, shipping addresses and how much customer has paid in the Orders Live View. This view shows you transaction Name, Status (has the payment been successfully processed or not) and the data of customer who made this transaction.

Each Venu is independent and manages it's own Products & Orders.

Set up stripe for payment peocessing.

Go to the Stripe Website and create a new account and provide Stripe API Key in your WLS settings.