Nearby Offers

Nearby is a proximity radar that actively searches and displays offers that are nearby (please note that the app actively searches for offers even if customer is not in Nearby screen. There are two types of offers customer can receive:
(1) Regular offer and
(2) Loyalty and they are saved for later use in All Offers or Points & Coupons respectively.

Nearby Scenarios:

Once an offer is recognized it immediately appears on the screen. There are a couple of actions user is able to do:
- Pin the offer - once a user pins the offer it is saved in their Pinned list, this enables them to find favorite offers faster.
- Share the offer - users can share regular offers with their friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others. (Note the little Share button just below the battery charge emblem at the top right.)

The Share feature is a Very Powerful tool as it empowers users to help their friends, and it also makes your offers go Viral because those receiving the information from their friends don't need the app installed to see your offer.

Your Customer Sign-up

Knowing your customers is crucial for every business to improve their marketing strategy and increase sales. appSAVE® enables you to collect customers' personal data like name or e-mail address. You can decide which data you want customers to provide.

We give the Customer the Control

One of the features that customers Really Like is their ability to control most of the aspects of their app.
For instance, we make providing this additional information optional, except for their name which we use for personalized marketing.

We also we also let them sign up with Facebook. 

No Offers Found

If there are no offers found, the app will display a short message.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Each user can decide to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode in the Settings to limit proximity scanning in the app.

We give the user this control because there are times when they just want a break. When this is enabled the App will inform them it's enabled, and they can then turn off this mode anytime.

We are the ONLY company that gives the user this level of control, and it's a feature they really like.

Nearby Map (Outdoor)

Finding and collecting interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. Nearby Map allows customers to see where offers are located on a map. It also has a navigation feature built in so it can help navigate your customers to their point of interest which results in increased traffic, both vehicle traffic from afar, foot traffic and sales for venues.

If a user hasn't collected any offers yet, they can easily discover new interesting Venues on a map and see how many offers are waiting to be collected. Once a Venue is clicked, the app will show directions how to get there.

If they have already collected several offers from a particular Venue, once they click on a Venue, it will display a list of collected offers in that particular location. They will be still able to get directions to the Venue by using a map icon in the header.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, beacons do not have a physical address therefore Nearby Map shows physical location of a Venue where your spots are located (beacons, WiFi or QR codes). Nearby Map also shows the location and size of your geofence spots.
This does change when you set up the Nearby Maps (Indoor Location) feature below. Beacons are used to help map out a location.

Map shows offers within 500 km (310 miles) radius from the point where the user is located.

Since we use the Google Map API, the map changes as you drive and you see venues that are near you. Try it out, as you drive you see a moving map that is instant and in real time.
Another feature is if you have a general idea of where a business is located, just drag the map to that area and when it shows up, click on the directions and let the Google Maps voice direct you there from your current location. 

Since the system knows where you are, that venue will pop up and you will have the option to follow the turn by turn directions to get there.
If there are offers you can decide to collect them.

Nearby Maps (Indoor Location)

Finding your way inside a large shopping mall is difficult. With the Indoor Location feature our app enables anyone to see in real-time their current position on a venue map, and a very powerful feature is they can pan & zoom for an even better experience.
It works in offline mode too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Indoor Map may show the location of beacons but in most cases it shows the approximate location of the person inside the venue.

For now the point on an indoor map only shows the approximate location of the person inside the venue.
Each Beacon used to map the indoor location can only serve one function, to do the mapping. In order to show offers additional beacons are needed that are not mapped so they can pulse out their messages for the individual offers.