In the world of Mobile Engagement,
the key is App SPEED.

Delivery Speed will make or break any campaign you do, Anywhere!

It does you no good to have great content if the app user must continually wait for delivery.
In fact, Delivery Speed is one of the
Google Rules of Engagement.

Key Points

You've Got 2 Seconds

According to Google, you have TWO SECONDS to deliver your content or the Mobile User is Gone.
For this reason we recommend AppVOLV, and the explanation is quite clear. Nothing else we have found even comes close.

The Customer is In Control

Customers and App Users want one button customization and they want to see things on Their Terms.
Our app makes it easy for customers to set the preferences THEY want, then just click, click, and they have the messages THEY prefer, WHEN they want them.


Our system includes some basic templates that are designed for Speed of Load on consumers devices.
And, they allow you almost unlimited customization so you can change things up to keep customers interested. And the cool part, you can do this from your Mac, PC or Tablet.
You need to understand that the Customer is in control, so much so that they actually control your brand. 
One of our partners hits the Nail on the Head.

We can Help

We realize there is a LOT to marketing and growing a brand and we can help.
We have several divisions and we don't just preach a good story, we have done it.
Dr. Mayer, C.E.O., owns several businesses and has founded, grown and sold several other successful businesses in multiple industries.
We are here to help. Just let us know.

Delivery of Content

AppVOLV, The Evolution of Apps

Google has made no secret about what they want and will accept. In fact, after numerous warnings they are starting to de-list offenders.

Your Webmaster probably knows about this information but will not share it with you because it just might put them out of business.

We have chosen this system because in our world, Speed of Delivery is everything. Our base templates are easily customizable for delivery speed and the HTML links you add simply MUST not only be in a format that will load quickly but in https:// (secure) format. And these are just two of the critical elements you need to understand.

Go ahead, check it out. It's FREE.

You need to Always put yourself in the shoes of your Customer.

No matter what you do, always think about what your client will want to see.
Continually blasting the same message is not the answer, you need to change it up.

Flexible Content

Once you get the hang of adding and changing content, you will begin to appreciate the simplicity of our system.

The thing is You have the Control and when you make some of our links to your external appVOLV system with AMP, your advertising really takes on a special look and feel.


Another great thing about our system is you can add or remove SPOTS as your business needs dictate.
Have a big sale coming up? Add a few SPOTS for that sale for a month.
Seasonal business. Reduce the SPOTS for the winter months.


All our systems allow you to not only tailor the message but tailor the timing. Check out the Scheduling feature under Sections > Campaigns and Scheduling. This is a powerful feature. 

You need to consider having your Own Video

Video Marketing is Critical for your Success.