Introduction to Beacons, WiFi, GeoFence and QR Code Spots.

appSAVE® is the ONLY proximity platform that supports 6 different trigger types that deliver proximity campaigns to your customers' phone. Even Tesco, target and IKEA can't match us:

QR codes
Physical Web Triggers

Please make sure that your beacons are properly configured before starting a proximity campaign. The default settings that are set by beacon manufacturers' do not meet requirements for a successful proximity campaign. Please make sure that:

  • Broadcasting Power (Transmission power) is set to + 4 dBm - the more power, the longer the range. Increasing the power makes the signal more stable. If you want the beacon to trigger only when a phone is touching it (or nearly touching it) you should test setting broadcasting power for -40 dBm though.
  • Advertising Interval is set to 200 ms. The shorter the interval, the more stable the signal.
  • Smart Battery Saving is set as OFF
  • Security UUID is set as OFF
  • Use only one Bluetooth protocol per beacon (iBeacon or Eddystone UID) - enabling beacon to send Bluetooth signals in both protocols significantly decreases the campaign delivery rate.

Add Beacons

Import beacons from Estimote and

You can import your entire beacon fleet from Estimote or to the appSAVE® platform in just a matter of seconds:
  • First you need to obtain your Estimote API Credentials (learn how to get it here) or API Key (learn how to get it here).
  • Add Estimote API credentials (App Id:App Token, please notice the correct order and see screenshot below for reference) or API key to the Settings Tab in appSAVE Fleet.

  • Go to Beacons & other spots section.
  • Click Import Estimote Beacons or Import Beacons

Wait a few seconds and your beacon fleet will appear.

Syncing Beacons with the Cloud

You can synchronise your entire beacon fleet with Estimote or cloud if you used Import Beacons feature.
Synchronising beacons saves a lot of time if you use Eddystone-URL campaigns - it allows you to export Eddystone-URL campaigns from appSAVE into your beacon cloud without the need to enter all URLs manually one by one. To synchronise your beacon fleet with Estimote or cloud:
Click on Sync Beacons button and choose the manufacturer you want your beacons to synchronise with, or click sync icon on the list next to a particular beacon:

Once the sync is completed, you will receive a confirmation message:

Please note that when sync with cloud is completed, it is not automatically synchronized with the beacon device until the smartphone running the or Estimote mobile app comes into range of the beacon.
Beacons in range of a Cloud Beacon will be updated when the Cloud Beacon connects to the cloud.

How to Add a GeoFence

  • Pick a name for your Geofence spot.
  • Choose Geofence as a Spot Type.
  • In Search type in the address of the place around which you want to create Geofence. The Geofence will appear below.
  • You can adjust your Geofence on a map (to show the map please allow browser to determine your current location).
  • You can also define Geofence coordinates manually by entering Latitude and Longitude.
  • Choose size of Geofence radius (in meters).

A Geofence is less precise than beacons or wifi spots therefore we recommend at least 200 meters as a minimal radius. If you are not able to receive Geofence campaign try increasing radius to 500 meters or moving the pin on a map slightly (geofencing uses operating system location services and sometimes they are not able to assign your position to a specific address).
If you place two Geofence spots in close proximity to each other, users of your app may receive two campaigns at the same time and spot analytics can be doubled.

GeoFences are Flexible and Portable

Since GeoFences don't require hardware and are based upon the GPS location system in the phone, there are some interesting advantages.
  • Portability. You can move the GeoFence wherever you want without having to be there. Just type in the new address.
  • Add Extra GeoFences at a click of a button.
  • Move one or add one at your competitors location. Say your competitor is having a big sale. Create a GeoFence at their location advising folks to drop over and compare, maybe add a message, "We will meet or Beat Any Price."
    Possibly even have a message greeting them when they arrive, and another that is delayed slightly after they have been there awhile.
  • You can add as many GeoFences as you need.

Get Beacons

Since we work with all major Beacon Manufacturers, here are the links to some of the biggest and you are free to evaluate what you need and order direct.

We recommend owning your own beacons and ordering Direct from the Manufacturer.
Our system works and we aren't affected by anything Google or Apple does.
We stock a few for Lease for instances where you have a short term need.