Introduction to Accounts

As an appSAVE® Fleet administrator you can create and manage additional accounts for your customers or colleagues. Accounts enable to sign in, get access to appSAVE® Fleet and manage campaigns on their own.

Think about a scenario where you have 3 large retail chain customers like a Shoe Shop, a Coffee Shop and a Bar and they require that you create and manage dozens of campaigns for each of them. To add to that, each customer wants to have access to appSAVE® Fleet to be able to see the results of the campaigns and edit them when needed. By creating separate accounts for the Shoe Shop, the Coffee Shop and the Bar each of this is possible.
There are two types of accounts:
Manager Account - manager can add additional subaccounts and manage their campaigns
Regular Account - can't add subaccounts

Below is a screenshot of appSAVE® Fleet. It's located at and is your log-in to contron your app.
Each added account can only see and manage campaigns that they created or campaigns that their subaccounts created. You can add as many additional accounts as you need.

Adding Accounts & Privliges

Go to the top-right corner of the interface and click cog icon to expand the dropdown. After clicking on Accounts you will be able to add your first account:
Venue Name allows you to pick a name for the first Venue managed by this account. Every account needs to have at least one venue.
Select Account Type. You can add a regular or manager account (manager can add additional subaccounts and manage their campaigns).
Pick an Email for this account. The Email identifies the account and is also the username that is required for the account to login to appSAVE Fleet.
Choose a Password for this account and retype it below. 

In the last step decide which Privileges this account should have:
Enable Push Management - account can send push notifications remotely to all or select groups of users.
Enable Primes Management - account can set campaigns & venues as Prime (learn more about Prime Campaigns here).
Enable Spot Management - account can add & remove beacons, WiFi and Geofence spots.
Restrict Access To - decide which parts of the CMS should be visible to this particular account.